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When using a Gallery Photo on one of your Website Pages, you can specify the display size of the photo. Please note that this does not affect the size of the photo in the Gallery. It is only the photo display size that you feel is appropriate when the photo is placed on the associated web page. If the original photo is smaller than the selected size, it will not be enlarged but will be displayed at the original size.

The sizes are demonstrated here:

  • Large: 350 pixels high
  • Medium: 300 pixels high
  • Small: 250 pixels high
  • Tiny: 200 pixels high

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A Testimony

Aug, 2010

... As a painter, ask me to remove lead paint, sand, putty, prime, clean down, paint etc, and I can do all of it very well. Yet get me to do something with a computer and I will run away screaming. Using Ready-to-Use Websites to get my web site up and running was fantastic, quick and the service and support was incredible. The pre-set styles and page selection options made it so easy, and with Rodney's help, I was able to put together a "one-off" web banner using pictures of properties which I had painted. The gallery which showcases what we've done was so easy to put together yet it looks so professional. I am so pleased with how my site looks, and feel confident I can maintain it for the years to come. I recommend for anyone who wants their own web site and doesn't have a degree in computers, to check out Ready-to-Use Websites.

Mark Starbuck - MP Starbuck Painters (Brisbane, Australia) - Website

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