Have You Asked Our Competitors These Questions?

When comparing products and services it is wise to read the 'small print'. We have found some interesting things in the small print on our competitors websites. Several of our satisfied customers learned the hard way before coming to us, by not asking our competitors these questions. You will find more Questions and Answers on our FAQ Page.

Is Domain Name Registration included in the price and who owns it?

Some of our competitors say that "Domain Name" is included. This is ambiguous. What does it mean? Read the small print. Some who say "Domain Name" mean that they can host your website under your domain name (as opposed to a Sub-Domain Name), but you are left with the task of registering the Domain Name with the Registrar of your choice at your expense.

Other competitors will register 'your' domain name but it belongs to them. Once again, check the small print. If you do not own the Domain Name (even though you thought it up), you are forced to host your website with that provider for ever. This is a hosting scam.

What about us?

At Ready-to-Use Websites we register your Domain Name on your behalf with you as the owner. If the time comes that you no longer require your Ready-to-Use Website, you are absolutely free to take your domain name to another host. 'Ready-to-Use Websites' is NOT an Internet hosting scam because we do not delay, hinder, or prevent you from taking your domain name to another host.

Do you have an anytime money-back guarantee?

Most of our competitors offer a refund or partial refund within a short fixed-term time frame, usually 30 days. Once that period is over, you cannot get a refund.

What about us?

At Ready-to-Use Websites we offer an anytime, money-back guarantee. To be fair to ourselves we refund the remainder of the year up to your website's annual expiry date. For example if you use a Ready-to-Use Website for 9 months and then wish to get a refund, we will refund 3 months worth of the price you paid. This is explained in more detail on our FAQ Page.

What does your price include and are there any hidden costs?

One of our competitors is offering a 'ready to use website' for the same price as our product. However, once you purchase their product, you discover that it is the website only (which is of absolutely no use without a Domain Name and Hosting). You then have to purchase a hosting plan, a Domain Name, and a Content Management System (or a Maintenance Contract) from the provider.

What about us?

At Ready-to-Use Websites our advertised price includes a 'base-product' Website, Domain Name Registration (on your behalf), Hosting, and Content Management System. The 'base-product' Website includes a Home Page, a Photo Gallery, a Services Page, and a Contact Form (that sends you an email). We have Add-On Pages and Features (Shop, BLOG, Links, Articles, etc.) that can be purchased at the advertised prices either at the time of initial purchase or anytime thereafter at pro-rata prices. See our 'Features & Prices' Page. There are no further hidden fees and no set-up fees. Our low prices are almost unbelievable!

Can I manage my website content myself anywhere, anytime?

Many of our competitors offer limited or restricted content management. Some of the limitations include a fixed number of updates per month or year. Some of our competitors offer maintenance contracts wih various prices depending on how often you are allowed to email them with your updates. Some allow you to send them text or photos via an online form but they charge for the number of photos. Either way, they get around to applying the updates at their convenience, usually the next day or after a few days.

What about us?

At Ready-to-Use Websites you are in full control. You manage your website content via your website's Control Panel/Content Management System without restriction anytime, anywhere. Your updates are instant.

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A Testimony

Sept, 2012

... I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Rodney Collins for all his help in setting up the website for my new little business. Having worked with Rodney years ago when we both had the same employer, I knew he would do an amazing job and that, as well as Rodney being very talented in his field, his work would be carried out with all the kindness, politeness, patience, and professionalism that was needed. These characteristics were very important for someone like me who is rather technically challenged at times. I love my new website and, through Rodney, have learnt how to manage and update it as required. Thank you again Rodney, I would not think twice about recommending you and Ready-To-Use Websites to other people looking for this service.

Denise Stallard - Happy Pets At Home (Brisbane, Australia) - Website

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