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Sun, May 31 2009 01:55:57 PST

Analyze Yourself

As a business owner, you are both the boss and the employee. Some people can thrive in this type of situation and achieve more than they could in a traditional work environment. For other people, this situation can spell disaster. That is why it is important to analyze yourself several times a year to make sure you are staying on track.

Are you focused on your business? This alone can throw your business into high gear or create a standstill. It can be easy to lose focus when you work at home, as there will always be other things competing for your attention. It is okay to let the laundry wait for a few hours while you work on your business. Your laundry can`t pay your bills, but those few hours you put into your business could reap you many financial rewards.

Not only is focusing on business tasks important, but it is important to be focused within your business. It is easy to get sidetracked with new business ventures and other offers. It can be hard to spread your time and energy over too many projects. It is easier to manage a select few projects that are tightly woven within your target market.

Are you being productive? At the end of the day, do you ever feel like you worked all day but accomplished nothing? Take a look at the tasks you are working on, and whether they are actually important to your success. If you find yourself getting sidetracked by surfing the web, chatting in forums, or reading blogs, try to schedule time for those activities after your "real work" is done.

On the other hand, if you feel your time is being sucked away by answering email, updating your website, or collecting research for an upcoming information product you are working on, try outsourcing those tasks to a virtual assistant. This will help you free up some time to work on business tasks that need more attention.

Are you reaching your goals? If you find that you are constantly missing your goal deadlines, you may want to take the time to revamp your goals. Create an action plan that will be easy to follow and help you get to your end result.

Would I hire myself? This is a tough question to ask yourself, but it is very important. It may sound silly, but perhaps you could write out a job description and give yourself an interview. Are you the type of employee you would want to hire?

If you answered "no" to the above question, take some time to write out the areas within yourself that you would like to improve. This can be a hard exercise to complete, but once you have analyzed yourself, you`ll be on your way to becoming a better business owner and having a better business.

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:52:51 PST

Ready-to-Use Websites Blog is an Illustrated Blog


This Blog and the Blog included in each Ready-to-Use Website is an Illustrated Blog. That is, each Blog entry does not have to be text only. As the owner of a Ready-to-Use Website, you can include an image (photo or illustration) in any Blog entry. To demonstrate, I have included a photo of some houses in Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmain. The link will take you to a photo page on Rodney Collins - Photographer website.

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:52:51 PST

What is a BLOG?

Blog is a shortened term for "weblog". Either term refers to a website where entries are made similar to a journal or diary. The entries are presented in reverse chronological order, with the newest entry on top. Although blogs were originally used like a personal journal on everyday events, they have evolved into a multipurpose tool. There are blogs on every topic imaginable, from food to politics to celebrity gossip. Generally, blogs combine the text entries with images, links to other blogs and other related media.

A blog entry consists of five basic components:

The Title: The main headline of the blog post.

The Body: The main content of the blog post, which can consist of text and/or photos and video.

Permalink: This is the URL of the individual post.

Post Date: The date and time the post was published to the blog website.

A blog entry can also include comments from readers, categories (commonly called tags) that label the blog entry by subject, and trackback links, which are links to other sites that refer to the blog entry.

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:50:11 PST


Each Ready-to-Use Website includes a Blog just like the Blog you are currently viewing. As an owner of a Ready-to-Use Website, you will be able to post and edit Blog Entries and archive or re-list Blog entries at will. You will also be able to delete visitors' posts that are inappropriate.

Each Blog also includes syndication. This means that other people can easily 'rebroadcast' portions of your Blog content on their sites (with links back to your site). The RSS Feed is updated each time you add or edit a Blog entry. Each Ready-to-Use Website has been optimised to make it easy for news aggregators that crawl sites automatically to find your feed.

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:47:19 PST

New Website Enables Anyone to Establish an Internet Presence

A new site on the World Wide Web enables anyone who desires an Internet presence for themselves or their family, business, organisation, club, school, or ministry - to establish themselves on the Internet using a Ready-to-Use Website package. The package found at on the World Wide Web, provides an efficient, economical, fast way to establish your own Internet presence.

The site, provides not only information about Ready-to-Use Websites, (including a full description, how it works, privacy policy, terms of service, and samples) but offers website buyers the opportunity to purchase their very own 'ready-to-use website' package that includes hosting, domain name registration, website, and browser-based content-management web application with which to manage their website. "Ready-to-Use Websites" offers one-stop shopping for website buyers and an almost instant set-up, saving them weeks of custom website development and saving them a lot of money" said the site's creator, Rodney Collins, a web application developer, Brisbane, (Queensland), Australia.

Collins explained that from the comfort of their own homes, office, or Internet Cafe, site owners can, for example, maintain a Home Page, a Photo Album, an Itinery, a list of Services provided, a Resume, Articles, favourite Links, Merchandise (with shopping cart) and read the emails send to them via their site's Contact Form.

The traditional personal web site of the past has been nothing more than an on-line business card with little or no customer interaction. A Ready-to-Use Website, however, provides an interactive platform to sell products, publish motivational content, and provide a meeting place where leads become customers.

As 'webmaster' of the site owners' websites, Collins ensures that the sites are submitted to the major search engines and are promoted to ensure that each site gets the publicity it deserves.

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:22:00 PST

Ready-to-Use Websites now have a YouTube Videos Page

List your YouTube videos on your Ready-to-Use Website. Visitors click an entry in the list and the video plays on the same page. Visitors do not leave your website to see the videos playing.

Please check out all the other great features offered by Ready-to-Use Websites on our [Features] Page.

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