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To get started as a Ready-to-Use Websites Affiliate, you'll need to create a free account. Fill out the form below. Please ensure that your contact information is correct because we need to send you emails about your earnings. You'll receive an email with your password so that you can login to your account to make updates and the see information and tools for you to make promoting our product easier.

Start Promoting Ready-to-Use Websites

Your account details will contain a unique Promo Code that gives:

  • » buyers - 15% discount on the initial purchase of a Ready-to-Use Website
  • » you - AU$58 commission
  • » you - another 15% commission on the purchase price

Although not absolutely necessary, you should have a website to be a Ready-to-Use Websites Affiliate. If you do not have a website in which to promote our product, we would expect you to use PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. There are many ways you can advertise our product via your own website such as: online banner ads, e-mail newsletters to your site members and opt-in lists, or on other websites such as ads in online classifieds of sites you are a member of, or advertising on search engines.

We provide banners (all standard sizes) directly to Ready-to-Use Websites Affiliates via the information and tools page when you login to your account. HTML link code is given for each banner that carries your promo-code into the Ready-to-Use Websites Sign-Up page.

Commissions are paid into your PayPal account monthly (registration with PayPal is free).

Discount and commission to not apply to short-term lease websites

We Inform You of each Sale

For each sale made using your promo-code, an auto email will be sent to you for your records. We have accurate sales tracking. As a payment for our product is made by those you refer, the payment gateway (PayPal) records the sale in our back-office application. You can view your sales as often as you wish.

Terms and Conditions

  • » You get a unique promo-code (and hyperlink code) that you can place in your email signature, in forums, in classified ad sites, in BLOGs, etc., and on your own website of course.
  • » You acrue AU$58 commission for each Ready-to-Use Website purchased by someone using your promo-code.
  • » You acrue 15% commission for each Ready-to-Use Website purchased by someone using your promo-code.
  • » To ensure that your promo-code is used by buyers, we give the buyer 15% discount on the full purchase price (base-product and add-on modules purchased as one sale. We do not pay commission to you or give discount to the buyer if they purchase add-on modules after the initial sale.
  • » Commissions are paid into your PayPal account monthly (30 days after the month in which the sales were made) (registration with PayPal is free).
  • » Discount and commission to not apply to short-term lease websites
  • » If a Ready-to-Use Website is purchased using your unique promo-code and the purchaser cancels their website and requests a refund, any commission paid to you will be recovered by us in full or in part.
  • » You may purchase a Ready-to-Use Website for yourself using your unique promo-code and receive the discount and earn the commission. You are under no obligation to purchase a Ready-to-Use Website and will still be given full benefit as an affiliate.
  • » We have a zero tolerance for spamming and the use of malware and stealware for promoting our product.
  • » We have a zero tolerance for fake purchases.
  • » Any attempt by you to undermine our business or any behaviour that is adverse to Ready-to-Use Websites will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension of your account.

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  2. Please ensure that your email address is correct. If you do not get an automated email in the next few minutes, please try again ensuring that your email is correct.

  3. If you do not have an account with PayPal, you can provide your PayPal email address later.

  4. You must have an active website. If you don't have one, you should only join this program if you intend to use PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

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A Testimony

Feb, 2010

... Ready-to-Use Websites have been a great asset to our ever growing business at Plant99 Technologies. The affordability is unbelievable for the quality of product we are receiving. The ongoing service from Ready-to-Use Websites is incredible. Dealing in printer cartridges the Online Shop became invaluable to us at Plant99. We would Recommend and refer to everyone that Ready-to-Use Websites is the way to go!

Grant, Plant99 Technologies (Brisbane, Australia) - Website

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